Want to Make a Difference?

Are you looking to make a difference in your community and in the world? Mercy Mission is always looking for passionate and hard-working brothers and sisters to work on our executive teams.

As an ideal team member, you will have the following characteristics and qualifications:

  • A strong personal work-ethic, follow-through on commitments, and a positive collaborative mindset
  • Graduate of a post-secondary institution
  • Strategic approach to problem solving
  • Good communication and relationship-building skills
  • Passion for self-growth and serving others
  • Good self-management skills to balance personal obligations, your day job, and community work

Currently, Mercy Mission Canada is looking for team members to contribute in one or more of the following areas:

Foster Care:

  • On-the-ground operational support including organizing seminars, spreading the word, educating the Muslim public on the importance of foster care and interviewing interested candidates.
  • Ambassadorship including building relationships with child welfare agencies, talking to mosque boards, speaking to media , advocacy with elected
  • Social media support including running ad campaigns, posting new content, reaching out to new candidates
  • Event support including organizing small events among stakeholders, supporters and donors

Training & Development:

  • Human resource development experts to design beneficial skills and personal and spiritual development workshops
  • Event marketing support including organizing and marketing events and running logistics


  • Leverage your management and leadership skills to manage and motivate teams and take ownership over results
  • Provide mentorship and training to internal teams and in public training workshops


  • Leverage your strategic fundraising credentials to help Mercy Mission grow its donor membership
  • Apply for grants
  • Help the team run fundraising events

Interest in Potentially New Initiatives:

  • Muslim half-way houses to help Muslim ex-convicts re-integrate into society and reduce recidivism
  • Islamic education that is more accessible to teenagers and young adults
  • Dynamic and engaging house of worship / youth / family centre
  • Mentorship program that links up graduates with experienced professionals in various fields
  • Town halls and panel discussions bringing together community stakeholders to discuss issues of importance to our community

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