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Mercy Mission began with an idea. What is the most effective way to create positive social impact in a global way by combining the efforts of talented and educated Muslims? Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury asked himself this question, as he sat near the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) grave during the final stages of his studies at the Islamic University of Madeenah.
Thinking about the prophetic mission of Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him), we see the Prophet’s concern for all things: conveying the Quran; teaching about Allah; looking after the poor; elevating the status of women; defending the faith; establishing a community; building economic strength; looking after the orphans and the elderly; empowering the youth; and even worrying about animals and nature. So clearly, if we claim to be following in the footsteps of the Final Messenger (peace be upon him), then we need to likewise take on challenges in different problem areas that affect Muslims and the world today.

Emboldened by this idea, a new type of organization was envisioned, an organization that brings together skilled and motivated Muslims to build projects focused on education, service and positive social impact. This mission had to be broad-based and globally relevant. The mission would be motivated by our desire to follow in the footsteps of the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) who was a mercy to all creation (rahmatul-lil-aalimeen). From here, Mercy Mission was born.

In 2006, Mercy Mission began with AlKauthar Institute, a premier Islamic educational institute that brought young Islamic scholars to audiences throughout the world. Through this vehicle, Shaykh Tawfique taught and travelled throughout the world with the message that pursuing Islamic knowledge is not enough. Rather, we must start working together to serve the Muslim community and humanity at large. He challenged young professionals and students – engineers, doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, men and women – to think about their lives above and beyond their worldly responsibilities and to also devote focused time working together for the sake of others.

Inspired by this message and bound together by common values, young Muslim professionals in various countries began forming local teams, setting ambitious goals for themselves and launching projects in various sectors. Several countries, including Canada, have launched projects in diverse sectors such as zakat services, women’s services and empowerment, international food aid, new Muslim support, Islamic finance, media, houses of worship, foster caregiving and Islamic education and research.

Mercy Mission’s goal, through the innovation of service delivery, is to  ultimately empower a future generation of Muslim leaders. Aided by a hands-on and empowering environment, these emerging leaders can connect their Islam to modern priorities, develop competencies such as goal setting and teamwork, and ultimately have a comprehensive and dynamic worldview as Muslims living in the 21st Century.

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