Mercy Mission has worked tirelessly to create premier services to serve the Muslim community. Our goal is to see a world where every Muslim lives faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. With today’s challenging environment, we see the need to optimize our creative capacity and are therefore focused on creating platforms for great ideas to be shared and bought to life. Mercy Mission is harnessing its skills, experience and strong social entrepreneurship track record to empower others to do great work for their communities.


AlKauthar Institute provides Islamic knowledge to Muslim professionals. Exploring a range of Islamic sciences, AlKauthar brings together qualified and skilled instructors, with premium study facilities and excellent learning materials.

AlKauthar Institute currently teaches in four cities across Canada, and provides a unique opportunity for its students to take sixteen hours courses in just two days.

AlKauthar seeks to not only educate, but inspire students of Islamic knowledge to immerse themselves in the needs of their local community. The institute is proud that most Mercy Mission leaders have started their careers in Mercy Mission from an AlKauthar classroom.

Mercy Mission Media

One of the blessings of AlKauthar Institute being at the heart of Mercy Mission has been the ability to work with its vast number of instructors. Mercy Mission Media has taken advantage of the array of scholars in Canada to produce TV-ready programs. These programs are then broadcasted in Europe and streamed on the internet for  for the benefit of worldwide audiences.

New Muslim Care

Mercy Mission has recognized that traditionally the Muslim community has not supported new Muslims very well. For new converts to our faith, life can become challenging as conversion often is accompanied by major changes in social circumstances. Converts often become excluded by their family and friends and may even lose their jobs.

New Muslim Care was established to meet this important need and takes a multidisciplinary approach to the needs of new Muslims, looking at both pastoral and socio-economic needs. This approach ensures the service responds to individual needs and ensures a healthy integration into the mainstream Muslim community.

315 NISA Muslim Women's Helpline

The vision of 315-NISA is to be the leading Muslim women's helpline across North America.

The principle of 315-NISA is to be non-judgemental in our services. Our services allow for people to open up to our trained counsellors without worry. Our purpose is to assist in supporting, helping and creating a plan of action for the best possible solutions. We are there to listen when no one else is. Our service is confidential and our Counsellors cannot ask callers for their personal information. The Counsellor identities also remain confidential so both parties feel comfortable in communicating.

The service is free of charge and our line is open for unlimited repeat calls. We understand that issues are not resolved in a few minutes, hours or days.

Call 1-888-315-NISA (6472) or visit http://www.315nisa.com.

Being ME Conference

The Being ME ("Being Muslimah Empowered") conference embarks upon the mission to give all Muslim women a voice or an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. We also provide the opportunity for all Muslim women to connect with each other so that we become pillars that support each other and the Deen.

Being ME offers lectures by prominent speakers and leaders; in-depth workshops on health, society, careers, and other pertinent issues.