Vision, Mission, Values

Mercy Mission strives to bring together conscientious Muslims to build great community development projects. Brothers and sisters who form the backbone of Mercy Mission teams are bound together with a common vision and set of values that govern our professionalism and integrity.


To pursue the vision of the Final Messenger (peace be upon him) and work towards a world where every Muslim lives faithfully to their beliefs building exemplary Islamic communities that benefit humanity.
Mercy Mission Canada’s vision is a future generation of highly capable and motivated Muslim men and women who work together to make significant positive social impact in Canada and around the world.



Our mission is to lead by example by developing our capabilities, launching and sustaining innovative and impactful projects, building positive relationships between the Muslim community and wider civil society, encouraging community collaboration, and mentoring future leaders.

Mission Mercy Canada endeavours to uphold the following values and standards in our people and programming:

Sincerity and Taqwa – Leading from a spiritual purpose, which is to earn the pleasure of Allah by lending strength to Islam, to Muslims, and to our capacity to have a positive impact on the world

Having a Voice – To inspire and lead through courageous storytelling and well thought-out points of view

Collaboration and Relationship-Building – To ensure open communication, trust and friendship

Enhancing the Muslim Brand – Working with professionalism, commitment, integrity, humility, and compassion

Creativity and Innovation – Seeking to be truly impactful through creative and innovative solutions

Teaching and Mentoring – Always building up new talent through education and mentorship


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