Mercy Mission Canada is a team of dedicated team members that research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects. Our model has been to create tested blueprints for Muslim communities to implement in their localities to empower youth, create opportunities for volunteerism, provide access to education and meet the needs of the vulnerable. Since inception we have pioneered some ground-breaking projects helping thousands of people in need.

2015-2018 is set to be a period of rapid development for Mercy Mission, as we initiate a very focused growth program. We are modeling Mercy Mission as a platform for social entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. The success we have had to date with maturing our own ideas will now be used as bank of experience to aid activists from the community to mobilise resources and turn their visions into reality.


Our expertise is in developing projects in two key sectors, and as such we will continue to invite great ideas in these areas. We are confident these are the foundations of successful community empowerment, and as such we mobilise high quality professional volunteers to add value in them.




AlKauthar is an Islamic institute providing specialist learning opportunities for professional students. Serving an international student base across six continents, AlKauthar empowers and inspires professionals with Islamic knowledge.Please visit www.alkauthar.org for more information.


Social Services


New Muslim Care was established to take a multidisciplinary approach to the needs of new Muslims, looking at both pastoral and socio-economic needs. Please visit www.newmuslimcare.org for more information.