Mercy Mission Canada in partnership with KPMG Salam Network ran a one-day hands-on leadership skills workshop in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Attendees included MSA executives, mosque leaders, community organizers, activists, business leaders and others. With a renewed vision and updated methodology of bringing forward value, the emphasis on taking ownership, visualizing outcomes, designing driven goals to ultimately move the needle in a very practical way on new or stagnated projects.

The objectives of this one-day workshop were centered around what we believe to be the foundation of leadership skills, including:

  1. Developing strong decision-making skills
  2. Developing focus through mental models and narratives
  3. Setting stretch and SMART goals

Instead of drowning in Powerpoint slides, participants were challenged to perform practical exercises and dig deep into thinking about their current projects and upcoming organizational planning. They were pushed outside their comfort zone and forced to face the discomfort of growing their vision and goals into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely objectives.