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Being ME, which stands for Being Muslimah Empowered, is a conference platform designed to celebrate and share successes of Muslim women and provide an environment of self-development, spirituality and sisterhood.

The Being ME conference is evolving into a platform that highlights female Muslim religious and academic scholarship, artistry, entrepreneurship, and accomplishments. The conference also provides a forum in which the myriad of challenges faced by women from all walks of life can be discussed. Panelists invited to speak include knowledgeable experts in various fields to help Muslim women gain perspective on issues they face, from navigating the professional world, to running a successful household, and all the facets of life in between.

Since its inception, Being ME has been organized in three Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary) and the model has been adapted in five other countries.

In addition to proving to be an effective model in reaching out to and impacting the lives of thousands of women, Being ME has created opportunities for volunteers and leaders to grow their skills and confidence during yearly planning cycles. Many Being ME volunteer team members have gone on to apply their skills effectively in the professional world and personal projects.

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