Our Executive Team

Shahzad Mustafa

Board Chair

Shahzad Mustafa is currently Executive Director of Mercy Mission Canada and a board advisor to other Mercy Mission-related organizations. Shahzad has a particular interest in non-profit leadership, community empowerment and helping vulnerable sectors.

Shahzad is also a pricipal at a Toronto-area information technology company that provides IT services and business software solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. His technology background includes technology education, software development, systems design and consulting in ERP and CRM.

Hassan Newaz

Vice Chair

Hassan Newaz has been actively volunteering with Mercy Mission Canada since 2008. Currently, he manages the Being ME conference, focusing on partner and sponsor relationships. He also sits on the board of National Zakat Foundation.

Hassan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, BC, and is currently working as an Automation Lead at a renewable energy company.

Junaid Qadri

Director of Finance

Junaid Qadri, a CPA by profession who works for an accounting firm has been involved in the Muslim community in Greater Toronto Area since 1998. Over the last two decades he has been involved in various organizations and projects in different capacities which included roles with ISNA Canada, IMO, Coalition of Muslim Organization and Olive Tree Foundation.

Junaid had joined the Mercy Mission Board in 2009 and helped spin off some of the Mercy Mission projects like Al Kauthar and NZF. He currently resides in Mississauga with his wife and 4 children.

Fareheen Chaudhury

Advisor to the Board


Maria Arshad

Advisor to the Board

Maria Arshad is a community builder, and has served the Canadian community for many years. Maria was at the helm of starting Being ME and AlKauthar in Calgary. She currently serves as the National Manager for AlKauthar Canada.

Maria is also an Engineer and recently scaled a software startup from 4 to 40 people in one year.

Maria currently is Naional Manager of Nisa Homes. Nisa Homes operates a group of transitional homes for Muslim women and children in Canada.

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