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Canada – as well as much of the world – is experiencing a crisis of a shortage of foster homes. Not only are older foster caregivers retiring, but there is a lack of foster caregivers willing to care for children and adolescents with a variety of needs. There is an acute shortage of caregivers for children from Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean communities. Our communication with Children’s Aid Societies as well as private fostering agencies also indicate a perpetual shortage of foster homes catering to the unique needs of specific religious and cultural needs – including Muslim children.

FosterLink was initiated as a focused attempt to increase the number of Muslims families deciding to become foster families, currently operating in Ontario, Canada. The FosterLink model is based on establishing working relationships with private foster agencies that ultimately will provide training, certification and placement of children into foster homes. The FosterLink team then promotes awareness and generates interest through active social media activity and running educational seminars in various mosques. Interested candidates are then interviewed by an intake coordinator who helps the candidate determine their eligibility. Once a candidate is eligible, the team then forwards the candidate’s file to the private fostering agency to schedule a home visit and to begin training.

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