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One of Mercy Mission’s overarching goals is to build leadership capacity within the Muslim community, especially among our younger, emerging leadership. Our vision is that with enhanced capacity, greater confidence and courage, Muslims will begin to take on important responsibilities and make a positive impact in our community and society as a whole.

Over the years of building teams and executing projects, Mercy Mission leaders have gained valuable skills and insights on how to pursue shared goals. The Leadership Bootcamp initiative is an attempt to codify these insights and teach them to other organizations as well as to young, emerging leaders.

Leadership Bootcamps focus on the following three competency areas:

Personal Development – How do I govern myself? How do I ensure that my worldly and religious affairs, self-reflection, personal productivity, motivation, relationship-building, etc are on track? What are the skills I need to be successful in today’s world?

Understanding the World – Developing skills around systems thinking, understanding contemporary issues, preparing narratives and building a compelling story.

Execution Leadership – Implementing hands-on skills including goal setting, team building, collaboration, governance and much more.

These sessions will continue to be an important place for our community leaders and organizers to develop themselves, refresh and get motivated to accomplish their objectives, spring forward stagnant projects and build quality, value driven team members with dedication and sincerity.

Upcoming workshops and events are published to our events page.

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