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The struggles new Muslims face when they embrace Islam is very real. Mercy Mission commissioned a study in 2012 that indicated new Muslims face significant social isolation after their conversion. Many choose to abandon their new faith within the first few years.

In response, Mercy Mission Canada conceptualized New Muslim Care, a North American initiative whose goal was to support new Muslims in various capacities.The model was chapter-based: each city or region would have a local chapter consisting of buddies, social events and educational opportunities. Social events were often held in community mosques, thereby helping new converts integrate into the wider Muslim community. During its peak, New Muslim Care had over 10 chapters running throughout North America.

The New Muslim Care model was also adopted by Mercy Mission in other regions such as Australia and Malaysia.

In 2018, Mercy Mission Canada decided to hand over management of chapters to local communities, with chapters in Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver continuing to run.

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