Vancouver Madinah is a dedicated space in the heart of Burnaby, British Columbia which provides young Muslims the opportunity to nurture and cultivate a sense of belonging. Programming provides youth with a safe and meaningful platform to grow, connect and serve their local community in the Vancouver area.

There are diverse number of participants who interact and engage with the programs at Vancouver Madinah. This demographic is diverse in terms of ethnic back ground and life experiences, and encompasses youth who are immigrants and new comers to Vancouver, as well as multi-generational Canadians. Vancouver Madinah programs and activities fall into one or more of the following program streams:

a) Humanitarian – Develop community building skills and practice community service.

b) Educational – Learn leadership skills and enhance self-identity which strengthens personal development.

c) Recreational – Participate in group activities which strengthens feelings of connection and belonging.

Vancouver Madinah fosters a sense of safety and trust and promotes a non-judgmental space where the youth can find refuge and relief from the pressures of daily life. By cultivating a strong sense of community, Vancouver Madinah successfully brings Muslim youth together. We gather to celebrate, discuss, listen, learn and go on adventures together.

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