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An important area of focus for Mercy Mission has been reducing poverty and strengthening Islamic social finance through the sacred institution of zakat, a yearly, religiously-mandated tax due on excess wealth. The state of zakat administration among Western Muslims is patch-work at best. Mosques have traditionally been the main collectors of zakat. However due to lack of human resources and proper processes and know-how to assess local need, most zakat would be sent to causes overseas.

National Zakat Foundation (NZF) was established with the vision of becoming a national organization that brings professionalism into the task of education, collection and distribution of zakat. A focus on local need strengthens community cohesion and promotes self sufficiency within the Muslim community.

In terms of process, applicants in need apply for zakat online. Applications are assigned to caseworkers who then work with applicants to determine zakat funding needs in the short term. Caseworkers also provide financial counselling and work with local governmental authorities to access social welfare funding for applicants.

Established in 2015 by Mercy Mission Canada and attaining Canadian charitable status with independent governance in 2017, NZF Canada is growing steadily in both the collection and distribution of zakat. Vulnerable recipients include refugees, single parents, people with disabilities, elderly, converts and others. Zakat funds have also been used to establish Nisa Homes, a network of women’s transitional homes for low-income women and their children.

The longer term vision of NZF is to become a vehicle for Islamic social finance in which funds would be directed to individuals and projects that have a positive impact in meeting the needs of our most vulnerable.

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